Support KidSPOT

Support KidSPOT

KidSPOT is a non-profit, community funded art & creative play center for kids ages 2-12. We rely on the kindness and generosity of local businesses and families to help keep us going!

Weekly donations from participating families are what we rely on for art supplies, and having local businesses sponsor us help pay the bills.  If you’d like to donate art supplies, below is a list of things we go through quickly.

Wish List

Mod Podge
Elmer’s glue
Glitter glue
Sponge craft brushes
Construction paper
Poster Board
Pom poms
Pipe Cleaners
Tempra Paint



We need your help to make KidSPOT a success. KidSPOT is funded entirely by donations. Your contribution will help us meet $16,000 in annual operating costs.