Creative Lives Series


Creative Lives

RiverArts continues to explore the creative energy in our community.  Each quarter we present another line up of exciting speakers who will share their passions, insights, wisdom, personal experiences, and philosophies with us. The Eastern Shore is rich with writers, painters, potters, woodworkers, musicians, storytellers, actors, and creative people in all fields. Each of these inspirational folks has a story to tell, a unique way of looking at the world, and a special form of expression. Hearing about their journeys touches us in ways that make us aware of our own possibilities and sometimes moves us to forge ahead in our own quests or take detours that will fuel some passion or inner desire.  Please join us to hear from these local luminaries as they talk about what they have seen, felt, and learned on their creative journeys.

Upcoming Creative Lives Talks

Medieval Art – Not Just Crosses and Cathedrals

February 22,  6 pm   Ben Tilghman

Medieval art can feel very distant from the beliefs and concerns of

Ben Tilghman

today’s world, but when we move beyond the most familiar works to explore the Middle Ages more broadly, we can find insights onto many of today’s most pressing concerns. How do humans relate to the natural world? What do we have to learn from other cultures? How can art sharpen our ability to look at the world in new and creative ways? These are some of the questions pondered by art historian and professor Ben Tilghman.

Ben Tilghman is Assistant Professor of Art History at Washington College.  He was awarded a Ph.D. from John Hopkins University in 2009 and for the past five years taught at Lawrence University. His particular interest and expertise is in the art of Medieval and Early Modern Europe, but he also maintains an active interest in the art of the Islamic World and Modern and Contemporary art, which was his first love. He and his wife Darran relocated to the longstanding family farm in Centreville in 2017 from Wisconsin.