About KidSPOT

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RiverArts KidSPOT

KidSPOT is a hands-on creative learning center for children aged 2-12. We are open every Saturday free of charge to kids accompanied by their parents, or other responsible adult. The Center is a destination for area children where they can look forward to interacting with a variety of stimulating activities that expand their horizons.

Located right next door to the RiverArts galleries, KidSPOT invites children to play, create and explore the arts and sciences. Kids participate in activities that incorporate visual arts, performing arts, literary arts, music, science and technology. KidSPOT also serves as a venue for special creativity events, RiverARTSCamp and workshops for kids.

We rely on the kindness and generosity of local businesses and families to help keep us going!

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KidSPOT is staffed every week by a dedicated group of volunteers. Our helpers have a love of the arts and enjoy sharing that with the children that come to our center. Rebecca Heriz-Smith serves as KidSPOT Coordinator. She is a mom and entrepreneur and was a KidSPOT volunteer before taking the helm. She brings loads of creativity, a love of the arts, and incredible energy to KidSPOT.

Thanks to Our Supporters Who Helped Launch KidSPOT

A generous donation by Andy and Leslie Price enabled RiverArts to rent the space next door to their galleries to create the creativity center, and a grant by the Hedgelawn Foundation helped to furnish it. Volunteers did much of the renovation under the leadership of member Mike Heffron. Zane Carter created the renovation design, Andy Hock donated all the electrical work, Brian Cole of Cole-Diamond donated the equipment and labor to scrape the glue off the concrete, and many members put in hours of work to complete the renovation. Local writer and illustrator team, Matthew Swanson and Robbi Behr, designed the winning name and logo.