Kids in the Gallery

Kids in the Gallery

Kids in the Gallery is a program that seeks to promote visual literacy

Elizabeth Healy

and art appreciation. Teachers and students in grades 1-5 are invited to a guided tour of the various exhibits at RiverArts Gallery in downtown Chestertown, MD. Students have the opportunity to participate in a follow-up activity at the KidSPOT studio next door.

In addition, this program fosters interest in our creative community as well as promoting self -esteem by encouraging children to return to the gallery with their families to serve as guides for the exhibit they previously viewed.

Visual literacy is a crucial 21st century skill, which enables learners to recognize, interpret,understand and appreciate information presented visually through actions, objects and symbols. Whether natural or man-made the ability to view images critically is an important skill included in state and national school standards.

Elizabeth Healy is the program director. She is a retired elementary school teacher who has conducted this program successfully in the past. She looks forward to working with the teachers at your school to create a meaningful field trip that will enhance existing curriculum goals for the grade levels served.

For more information, please call RiverArts at 410 778 6300 or email the RiverArts director, Andy Goddard, at